In April, I wrote how at Zemanta, we constantly move between the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and our dedicated servers in order to optimize costs of our operations. These two options are quite extreme, so recently we started to use the third option provided by German server infrastructure provider Hetzner that is somewhere between AWS and owning your servers in elasticity, but much more cost effective than both of these options. Hetzner provides a quick provision of dedicated servers for a very competitive price and without requiring long time commitment. AWS is the word leading cloud provider and it is seven times bigger than the nearest competitor. Economies of scale that AWS enjoys are enormous, but also the complexity of providing such service is beyond grasp of a layman. Hetzner took a very different approach and instead of virtual servers it provides access to bare metal at scale and with ease of AWS. For most loads elasticity provided by AWS is an overkill that it's not worth paying for. The cloud computing is exiting peak of inflated expectations and it seems the pendulum is now moving towards less complex solutions.