How to Eat an Elephant


Many years ago Al Fisher, an american friend of mine, told me, that if you want to eat an elephant all you should do is just take the first bite, then the second bite, and, eventually, after taking many bites, you will eat the whole elephant. Even though this recipe is very simple, it still eludes many people. Facing an elephant, many people spend days, months, or years contemplating where to start instead of just taking the first step and start eating. I was reminded of this story yesterday, when two people asked me how could they get a job at a software company even though they have only basic experience with programming. I compliment both of them for taking the first step of asking for an advice. As for the second step, I've recommended to both of them to just start programming. There exists so many free resources on the web, that learning programming should be within reach of anybody willing to learn.