Ada Lovelace Day


One of the sad facts of our industry is that there are very few women programmers. While many male programmers are oblivious to this issue, I think our industry is loosing a lot by not having more women in our midst. Personal relations would benefit in particular if there would be more women in software development teams. Programming is not physically strenuous nor it requires any gender specific skills, so there doesn't seem to be any intrinsic reason for the lack of women programmers. Even more, in the 1980s there were almost equal share of women as man studying computer science. But with every passing decade the share of women studying computer science has declined sharply to it's current level of just 10%! I've discussed the issue of lack of women programmers with quite some people lately. It seems that the main reason for few women programmers is lack of role models that girls could look up. There are very few Leah Culvers in the world and I know of only one Pija Režek in Slovenia. Without role models there are no female computer science students, and without female computer science students there won't be role models. I really think we, the computer professionals, should do better work at breaking this vicious cycle. Therefore next year, we should celebrate Ada Lovelace Day also in Slovenia!