Anti-agile Manifesto


Agile manifesto is a program of emancipation for programmers written by programmers out of decades of experience of programmers. While preparing for my Programming, Motherfucker talk at Agile Slovenia, I've calculated that original 17 signatories of the agile manifesto had collectively 160 years of programming experience when they signed the manifest in 2001. Just one of them, Kent Beck, has been developing software for the past 35 years and it's currently developing and optimizing a C++/Thrift server to handle all messaging traffic at Facebook. So if the agile manifesto comes of programmers, by programmers, why the need for anti-agile manifesto and why so many programmers hold agile in such a low esteem? Were the authors of the agile manifest wrong in the first place, has environment changed so much in the last 10 years, or agile just does not scale to average programmers? In my talk at Agile Slovenia I've presented a thesis that transformation to agile causes much bigger change in individuals than anticipated by the promoters of agile. Natural resistance to change, if left unattended, makes programmers reject agile altogether since they correlate the push for change with the start of transformation to agile. In my experience there are for four side-effects of agile that programmers find particularly hard to cope with. These are:

Next week, I'll explain in greater detail these side-effects and present some remedies that I've found successful for helping programmers cope with the changes caused by transformation from taylorism to agile.