Give me Something to Code


One of the more important functions of a technical manager in a startup is to prevent programmers from producing code. This might sound rather odd since the assumed role of programmers is to produce code, isn't it. But every new line of code in your code base increases the complexity of your product and long term support costs. Consequently, you should only write code that it's really bringing value to your users or substantially streamlining your internal processes. Most programmers on the other hand love to code. They love to be given a clear cut specification of what needs to be coded, so they can work in solitude on their well-defined puzzle. Well, dear programmers, the world has changed. The "good old days" of waterfall development process and omniscient project managers are long gone and fast-paced world of startups requires not only your coding skills, but even more importantly your helping hand in product discovery process. So, stop pushing code and start experimenting, measuring, discussing and interviewing instead.