When I was 14 years old I got a chance to intern with Drago Brank at his company that was developing accounting software for DEC VAX. It was an amazing experience that still defines me even 22 years later. I've spent just a couple of weeks there, but that was my first encounter with the professional software development. Drago started his career in the seventies programming mainframes in Germany. With his extensive experience, he was able to give me lots of interesting tasks of which I particularly remember developing text editor in assembler. This required studying one meter of manuals that have come with VAX and nothing in computing could scare me ever since. I'm pretty certain that my professional career could turn very differently if it wouldn't be for this internship. Therefore I'm very glad that in October we'll have a 16 year old pupil from Kranj technical high school interning with us. Who knows, maybe this internship will be as defining for Jan as was my internship with Drago for me.