Relaxing Scrum


Recently we've done a small reorganization of our team. Instead of one large 12-person team of engineers and product developers, we set two teams, each with 5 engineers and a dedicated product owner. I've become a scrum master in one of the teams (we've named ourselves Team Badger) and I've already noticed substantial changes in how my team functions. Scrum doesn't have lots of rules but it enforces them forcefully. But immediately upon splitting the team, I've noticed that several of Scrum practices no longer make sense to do. The whole Badger team resides in a single room and we are all working on the same project. Whenever somebody completes a task or run into problems, he shouts out immediately and everybody swarms around to see the result or help solve the problem. Consequently, daily stand-up meetings and demos at the end of the sprint seemed redundant and we have abandoned them.

I'm carefully observing also other scrum practices that we still do. If we'll notice that any of these practices no longer make sense, we might trim down scrum even more.