Scarcity of Resources


It seems a bit paradoxical, but quite often the main reason of project or company failure is abundance of resources. If a project/company has too many resources at its disposal, it tends to start complicating things, people start bringing in their own agenda, and the endeavor starts doing everything, without fully committing to anything. Therefore, resources at the disposal of a project or company manager should be scarce, so that the manager is forced to choose and just focus on what's really important to him. Managing scarcity is tough. As a manager, you'll have to say 'no' to people a lot and when you say no you piss off people. If you don't want your decisions to appear too arbitrary, you'll have to devise metrics that will clearly show to all stakeholders why some things are important and others are not.

(This post is very much inspired by a recent conversation with Boštjan, Zemanta's CEO)