#hackLJ2013 /cc @tomaz

When it comes to developer conferences in Slovenia, the selection is rather limited. If you are developing using Microsoft technologies or for the enterprise/government market, the NT konferenca is covering all your needs. If you're a java developer than OpenBlend organized by Aleš Justin should be your choice (and you should register now, since the OpenBlend conference is taking place already in two weeks). We used to have also a conference for PHP and web developers, but ever since Anže is enjoying himself on Hawaii, the PHP konferenca is on hold. Therefore, the developers interested in up and coming technologies and practices have no event where they could meet and exchange their ideas, frustrations, and expertise. Consequently, I've been very pleased to hear that Tomaž started an initiative to organize a conference targeted more at hackers than enterprise software developers and which would cover latest programming technologies and practices. If you're interested in joining the initiative, Tomaž will be more than happy to hear from you either thru Twitter (hashtag #hackLJ2013) or by subscribing to the mailing list https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/hacklj2013.