Boulder in Ljubljana (meeting Brad Feld)


One of the great advantages of working for Zemanta is that you get to meet some of the most interesting people on the planet. Thus, on Friday we were honored by a visit of Brad Feld who is on a private visit of Slovenia (the natural beauty of Slovenia has admirers all over the world).

For those not familiar with who Brad Feld is, let me say that he's one of the most famous (and outspoken) venture capitalists in the world and the doyen of Boulder, Colorado startup community. And the latter was also the focus of the conversation we had with Brad.

It is not a secret that the ultimate goal of Zemanta (besides making it a billion dollar company) is to make a thriving startup hub out of Ljubljana. There is no better role model in the world for this goal of ours then Boulder, Colorado with its 300+ startups in a city of just 100.000 inhabitants, and there's no one more competent to talk about success of Boulder than Brad Feld. Therefore it was most valuable to listen to Brad's insights what made Boulder so successful, which is:

  • great sense of community,
  • entrepreneurs reinvesting their money (and not hiding with the money on Cyprus),
  • patience (it took Boulder decades to achieve it's current status).

With a lot of hard work, a great deal of patience, and some luck I can well imagine Ljubljana one day becoming Boulder of Europe.