A Good Programmer's Portfolio


Yesterday I've expressed my belief that live coding during a job interview for a software developer is as necessary as it would be live sketching for an architect or live sculpting for a sculptor looking for a job. I posited instead that job interview for a software developer should be portfolio based, therefore I'll try to explain today what I consider to be a good programmer's portfolio that would entice me to first screen the candidate over the phone and later invite him for an on-site interview. Since we're living in the times of cloud computing all I need to know about a candidate is a link to his LinkedIn profile (here's mine) on which I should also find a link to candidate's GitHub account and Twitter stream. Nurtured LinkedIn profile should provide me with complete information on candidate's skills and experience, while GitHub account and Twitter stream  provide a very good introspective in candidate's interests, values, and capabilities.

Knowing all this information about the candidate even before first hearing him over the phone, saves lots of time for everybody involved in the hiring process and provides for many great starting points during a job interview.