Tracking the Hiring Process


We are in the process of hiring a junior data integration engineer. Since we are the followers of the Yishan Way we take hiring process extremely seriously and devote lots of resources to it. While it makes lots of sense to have a fast and thorough interview process, it really doesn't make sense to spend much time on administration of candidate selection. It's a bit shameful to admit it, but so far we have kept our job prospects in a simple Google doc and tracked the hiring process using emails. Since tools are top priority for us (another Yishan tenet), I've spent quite some time today researching solutions that would help us in tracking the hiring process. Our requirements for the hiring process support are that solution is cloud based, simple to use, and that it is well connected with social networks (primarily LinkedIn). A bit of googling (and a hint by Marko) has revealed four potential candidates. Simplicant and Zartis both match our requirements (they are so similar that it's almost scary), but the startups behind them look a bit fragile. The Resumator is another startup trying its luck in this field, but its solution felt a bit too complicated for our purpose. With 30M dollars in funding, Jobvite seems to be the most promising startup among the four candidates. Unfortunately, they don't provide instant trial, so I'll only be able to test it out once my trial request is granted.

We'll be evaluating these solutions for the case of hiring our new data integration engineer. I'll write a follow up post once (and if) we decide to start using any of these services to track our hiring process. And please let me know, if you have some recommendations yourself which solution should we use.