Team Building Games


This weekend we had a Zemanta team building event with people from both, New York and Ljubljana offices, in attendance. We did a lot of fun activities, eat good food, and had overall a very pleasant time. A staple of team building events are also group games. I'm not a big fan of them since, more often than not, they turn out very superficial and make people feel quite uncomfortable. But this time around, the group games turned out very nicely. I think the foremost reason for this outcome was the presence of our sales team. One of the main personal traits of good sales people is that they make others feel comfortable and our American coworkers really excel at that. The team building games that we played yesterday gave a very vivid demonstration of the power of engineering when coupled with soft skills of sales, marketing, and product development. We will definitely strive to keep such a good collaboration between our New York and Ljubljana offices also in our future day to day work.

I'd like to thank Koren Sports for another perfectly organized Zemanta weekend. If you are contemplating organizing a team building event to better jell your team, Koren Sports should definitely be your first choice.