Doing the Right Thing


Engineering is about doing things right. But if the things that we are doing aren't the right things to do, our efficiency results only in us producing more shit in less time. It is therefore decisions by product developers that ultimately make a company fail or succeed, not the speed or quality of engineering. Contrary to the popular belief, getting a good idea is quite a trivial thing. There are plenty of good ideas laying around if one just takes a bit of time to listen to users, coworkers, industry news, or competition. What's difficult about product development is how to evaluate and choose the right one among the many ideas that are floating around. Only with hindsight it becomes obvious which ideas made sense and which not. There are very few good product developers and I have great admiration for them. At Zemanta we are very fortunate to have Marty Cagan advising us on product development and even more fortunate that we have a product development team that kicks ass. Zemanta is already much better product than it was a year ago, but expect even more in the year to come!