Bridging the Gaps in Geography


Zemanta is still very much a startup in search of a repeatable business model. The business model is never just about technology, or sales, or marketing, or partnership, but is always a combination of these. Identifying the right business model therefore requires extensive collaboration between experts in all these fields. Zemanta's team is split in two offices, with New York office in charge of sales, marketing, and business development, while Ljubljana office does product development, research, and engineering. Bridging the gaps in geography, culture, and lifestyle is therefore quite a challenge. While we use all available means of electronic communication to keep the two offices in sync, the most effective tool of getting people to jell is still to have them interact in person. That's the reason why our CEO Boštjan spends considerable amount of his time at both offices, that's why I've been visiting New York lately, and that's why we have at the moment our entire New York office visiting Ljubljana.