Blog Commenting is Dead


One of the goals I had when I started this blog half a year ago, was to spark conversation with interesting people interested in similar things as I am. I'm a big fan of Fred Wilson. Not only because he's (partially) paying for my salary, but also because of the blog he's writing. Fred has managed to build a really great community around his blog and his posts are always accompanied by very interesting comments. I've tried to follow his suit and I encouraged readers of this blog to comment and contribute. While there were some really nice comments, I cannot say that many interesting discussions got sparked here. I see it with others and I see it with my self, that blog commenting is dying out. It's not that people have stopped conversing around interesting content. They have only moved their conversations to Facebook, Hacker News, Reddit, and Twitter.

If I would ask you to comment on this I'd be running against my premise. Instead I'm proposing that if you have some interesting perspective on blog commenting yourself, respond to my post on your own blog and link back to me. If I'll like your post I'll extend mine with a link to yours, and we can have a sort of correspondence through blog posts.