Conjure More Hardware


Yesterday part of our system performed sub-optimally. Upon closer inspection it has turned out that the cause of the problems was a developer's virtual machine eating away all resources from one of the production databases living on another virtual machine  but on the same hardware. Ops people adore virtualization. I think it serves well to their ambitions to be masters of evermore computers, without the need to deal with those stingy executives limiting their budgets. But as a developer, I hate virtualization, since I never know what kind of hardware I'm actually getting when a sysadmin says "here's your server". Ever since the introduction of virtualization, I've never heard a single sysadmin saying, "no, you cannot get a server" On the contrary, with a god-like grin they rush with genesis of another server to join their existing puppets.

Sysadmins, please stop screwing developers up and just say NO if there is no hardware available!