Alumni club FRI

Two months ago prof. Andrej Brodnik visited Zemanta. Among the many things that we have discussed, a topic of cooperation between FRI (Faculty of computer and information science) and industry popped up. We both complained that the cooperation is in many ways inadequate and should be improved. Traditionally, former students are the best connection between the industry and academia, but not in the case of FRI. For the past seven years since I've graduated I don't remember a single occurrence of FRI communicating with me as an alumni. Since I was employed as a researcher at FRI and I'm still pursuing my PhD there, I hold quite close contact with the faculty myself. But I know that most my colleagues completely lost touch with the faculty and still think of it as a ivory tower that it was in the nineties. In the past couple of years faculty of computer and information science has changed a lot and for the better. Some old professors retired and younger, more agile professors are slowly, but surely transforming the FRI into a very decent research and education institution. No wonder then that the idea of prof. Brodnik and me got a wide support from the faculty itself. In that spirit, we have organized a meeting between representatives of the faculty and alumni, that has shown a huge interest from both sides to strengthen our ties. The outcome of the meeting was two folds. First, we will try to include in the initiative as many alumni as possible through Alumni klub FRI group on LinkedIn. Second, we'll try to organize alumni gathering in the fall that will hopefully become traditional.

If you are an alumni of FRI and you haven't joined our LinkedIn group yet, now it is the time to do it. Further activities of the alumni club will be coordinated there, so you are very much welcome to help with organization.