Why should you pursue a Masters degree at Faculty of Computer and Information Science

Yesterday I participated at the promotional event at Faculty of Computer and Information Science aimed at prospective students. I was kindly asked to explain to the students the industry point of view why they should purse a masters degree. I told the audience of 80+ young people the following:

In the last 4 years, first as Head of Software Development at Najdi.si, and now as VP of Engineering at Zemanta, more than 300 CVs of job candidates passed through my hands. We invited 100 of them for an on-site interview and employed 20 of them. Today I'd like to reveal to you one of the heuristics that I use when I evaluate CVs of the job candidates.

This heuristic is very simple. If I see that a candidate has graduated at Faculty of Computer and Information Science he or she automatically gets an invitation for an on-site interview.

There are at least 4 good reasons for the efficiency of this heuristic:

First, study Faculty of Computer and Information Science is not easy. One must have a sharp and open mind to successfully graduate at this faculty. And that's exactly what we are looking in people that we hire.

Second trait that we look for are the people who not only start things, but also finish them. We look for people who seek solutions and not excuses. Such an attitude is also a precondition for successful study at this faculty.

Look at the people around you. These are the people with whom you'll spend a large part of your life, first as college buddies and later working together. Being capable of team work with your fellow engineers is essential for any great achievement. If you aren't capable of team work, it doesn't matter how smart or talented you really are. You just won't make it alone! As you will see, study at Faculty of Computer and Information Science is structured in such a way that really encourages team work.

Last but not least, this study will give you extensive knowledge. In my experience graduates of this faculty gain not only solid theoretical foundations, but also many practical skills and techniques that they can readily apply already the first day at work.

I hope that these thoughts will help you a bit in your decision to pursue masters in computer science at this faculty.

I wish you lots of success at your studies and I hope that in 2 or 3 years we see each other again at an on-site job interview.

I hope that my words had some positive impact and that many good students will decide to study computer science. I was especially glad to see quite some female students in the audience. It seems that the enthusiasm of Faculty of Computer and Information Science and especially prof. Nežka Mramor Kosta in promoting computer science among girls is starting to pay of.

Tech-Ed 2012: The Year of the Woman?

As a long time Tech-Ed attendee you notice when things seem a bit different from other years. This year has been no exception, with the week ending early on Thursday, the relatively good weather during Florida's rainy season, and lack of an MSDN magazine party.

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