Conferences and Personal Development


Personal development of people has always been a top priority at Zemanta. High on the list of things that we consider important for personal development is attendance of conferences. We try to send every member of the team to at least one top notch conference per year. Hence, I attended QCon London in March and I plan to attend SIGIR in August, we've sent two colleagues to WWW2012 in Lyon, one to UX London, another to Typo Berlin, two more are going to Berlin Buzzwords this Sunday, and our head of research Mateja is at this very moment on her way to San Francisco to attend SemTech, while our first full time researcher Peter will soon be packing his coffers to attend ACL conference in South Korea. You may well imagine that attending all these conferences costs quite some money and consumes lots of time. But if you want to show people that you value their skills and expertise, there's no better way but to send them to mingle with the best and most respected people in their field. In addition, you get the added benefit of demonstrating to your team that even coming from outskirts called Ljubljana we are equal in our knowledge and capabilities to all those people working for fancy companies or studying at famous universities.  The self-esteem thus acquired is the best antidote to "no, we can't" attitude.