The Greatest Instrument you’ll ever own (cont'd)

Last week I wrote a post about the importance of having regular health checks and how I went to see my doctor in order to check my bodily fluids and cardiovascular system. While I'll have to wait a few months for my cardiovascular system check, the results of bodily fluids check are already in and I'm glad to report that all indicators except one are within the normal limits. The one indicator that is above the normal level is my level of triglycerides. Already the nurse presenting me with the results has mentioned that I should change my diet in order to get my triglycerides back to a normal level. A bit of further research on the web has revealed that besides changing my diet, I should also loose some weight. Unfortunately, age and too much work in front of the computer have taken its toll and my weight have definitely increased noticeably since I've joined Zemanta two years and a half ago. As evident by the photo below from a few days, I do try to be physically active, but obviously not enough as indicated by my health check.