Speed is of Paramount Importance in Hiring

The guy in the picture to the right is Kris Smith, the newest addition of our New York office and the first engineer there. He'll be supporting sales and act as an interface to the engineering team. What I find really interesting about this picture is that it was taken on May 6th at the airport of Ljubljana, which is just a month since I had the initial job interview with Kris.

From my experience speed is of paramount importance in hiring. If a company is capable of  a quick response and an intense screening process, it has a tremendous advantage over other companies in attracting top talent. I've noticed that for engineers making a job hop is a really hard decision to make. But once they make that decision, they want to make the transition as fast as possible in order to get back to what they like best, which is programming, motherfucker.

My favorite example of the importance of speed in hiring is from my days at Najdi.si. On 15th of December 2008, we got the implication from a guy with great CV and even better references. By pushing things through extremely quickly we managed to finish the hiring process in just two weeks and he was able to start with us already on January 3rd, 2009, which was just about the time when he got invitation for an interview from the first other company that he applied to. But this other company was still quite fast in its response compared to National Bank of Slovenia, which managed to invite him for a job interview only at the end of January, after he has already been working for a month with us!