The Greatest Instrument you’ll ever own


Right now I'm waiting to see my doctor. Fortunately, there's nothing wrong with me. I've only come to make an appointment for a preventive examination of my bodily fluids and cardiovascular system. It is not widely known but Slovenian public health system provides to everybody older than 35 years a preventive check of cardiovascular system every five years. I certainly hope that the preventive examinations won't find any problems with my health. But if they do, I'm pretty sure that detecting problems early should make treatment more successful. Almost everybody I know follows dilligently the instructions of car manufacturers to do a car maintenance at the regular intervals. But I know only a few who do regular health check ups. I know that many people love their cars more than they love themselves, but I still find it hard to understand that people aren't willing to spend at least similar amount of time and money on maintenance of their body, as they do on maintenance of their cars. After all, your body is the greatest instrument you'll ever own.