Leading by Example is about Showing Respect


I'm big believer in leading by example, since I personally find it very hard to preach to others what I'm not practicing myself. Especially with harsher actions, such as reprimanding someone, it helps me very much to know that I'd demand the same standard of behavior also from myself and not just from members of my team. But perhaps the most important thing about leading by example is that you show respect to members of your team by not demanding from them what you wouldn't demand from yourself. But leading by example is not easy. It happens to the best of us to come late or to loose temper or to interrupt people in the middle of a sentence. In such cases there is no better tool at disposal of a leader than the power of apology. If a leader is capable of swallowing his pride and he excuses himself for his actions in an honest way, he'll not only make up for his mishap, but he'll actually gain admiration of his team since apology is one of the most effective means of showing respect.

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