Zurich-Ljubljana connection

In the mid-january of this year I've met Matthias Alder of Astina. He came to check whether they could relocate some of their operations to Slovenia, since salaries in Zurich have skyrocketed as a consequence of Zurich becoming a premiere financial, technology, and research hub of Europe. When they have researched possible destinations for relocation of a part of their operations, Ljubljana/Slovenia came high on their list. We have similar mentality and work ethics as Swiss, while having substantially lower labor costs. And perhaps even more importantly, the flight from Zurich to Ljubljana takes only one hour and there are three flights per day connecting the two cities! Three months later I'm glad to report that enthusiasm of many people has brought to fruition and Astina has opened a subsidiary in Slovenia. They plan to do some serious development in Slovenia so they are hiring java, web, and mobile developers. If you're expert in any of these field, you definitely should check their jobs page. I wish them a lot of success! I think that Astina's access to Zurich clients and resources coupled with Slovenian technical expertise is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Let me finish with a free tip to our Ministry of Economic Development and Technology. We should really invest more effort in presenting Slovenia as a high-tech outsourcing destination to Zurich entrepreneurs!