Computer Science

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia The main bui... Yesterday me and a few other people from the industry met with some of the members of the faculty of computer science at my alma mater, University of Ljubljana. We have discussed several initiatives how to improve the perception of computer science among youth, women, alumni and also general public. I commend Faculty of Computer Science that it has improved tremendously over the past couple of years in its communication with outside world and it is becoming a true focal point of computer science in Slovenia. I've been involved with the faculty for half of my life (that is, 18 years) and I remember well how ivory-towerish faculty felt in the nineties. I hope that at least some of the initiatives that we have discussed yesterday will bear fruit for the common interest of making computer science more respected in our society.

If my writing has made you nostalgic about your student years, you have great opportunity to visit the faculty today, since today at 15:00 there will be another installment of technical talks in the #VBlatu lecture series. This time engineers from CosyLab will present their experize in controlling huge machines. Please RSVP here!