Code revolutionaries and semicolons


A big flame war started this weekend in JavaScript community about the need for semicolons at the end of the lines. JavaScript was made for the chaos of the Wild Web West and its syntax is rather loose to make JavaScript accessible to even the sloppiest of programmers, with one of the conveniences provided being automatic semicolon insertion. The debate quickly expanded from semicolons to a wider discussion about what is the purpose of programming and who is the actual target of the code. The proponents of omitting semicolons argued that their (aesthetical) creativity should not be limited by self-imposed limitations (of JSmin), while supporters of semicolons have argued that common good of code readability takes precedence over individual freedom of developers. I've always held a pretty utilitarian view of code as the best tool to earn (a shitload of) money. Therefore, I find it hard to understand why somebody would spend his energy on such debates and why not just add that f***ing semicolon, since, in accordance with the Zen of Python, "Explicit is better than implicit".

Of parser-fetishists and semi-colons

Of parser-fetishists and semi-colons Monday, April 16th, 2012 at 4:26 pm TL;DR: if you advocate omitting sensible syntax as parsers will fix that for us, you are not a visionary developer. You waste your and our time. And you come across as a semi-colon.

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