The Century of the Brain


Programmers are often accused of trying to manage people as if trying to program them. But as it is slowly turning out, behavior of humans is very much governed by the underlying neural machinery, that neuroscientist are slowly cracking. And once we understand how human brain works, it will become much easier to pull the brain's levers in such a way to reach the objectives we have set to achieve. While most of the people accept that our world is causal in nature, very few accepts that our brain is just another machine and that there is nothing miraculous about it. We have sent space probes to the rim of the solar system, we have built huge particle accelerators to peep into the structure of the matter, but only in the past 20 years have we really started to observe what happens in the gray matter just behind our eyes. I think that what we are about to discover about the brain, will alter the perception of ourselves more fundamentally than any other thing in the history of mankind.

Attention control is critical for changing/increasing/altering motivation

Motivation EP

Focus of attention physically determines which synapses in your brain get stronger, and which areas of your cortex physically grow in size. The implications of this provide direct guidance for alteration of behaviors and motivational patterns. This is used for this purpose extensively: for instance, many benefits of the Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy approach rely on this mechanism.

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