Sun doesn't set anymore


When British empire was at the pinnacle of its power, its subjects liked to brag that in their empire sun never sets. Today, with globalization in full swing, subjects of most corporations can say the same. It is not uncommon for modern day corporations to organize their operations in 24/7 fashion, where work starts in East Asia, is then passed first to European workers, then to Americans, and is 24 hours later back to East Asia. Nowadays even smaller companies outsource some of their operations to far away places and are thus forced to operate in a 24/7 fashion, just like global corporations. For example, at Zemanta, we have our engineering department in Ljubljana, Slovenia, while our sales and marketing is in the States. With six (New York) to nine (San Francisco) hours time difference between the States and Ljubljana, we pretty much operate in a non-stop fashion.

In 1980 Dolly Parton had a hit song "(Working) nine to five". If she would record this song now, she should have mentioned also the time zone.

When is the world working - The oDesk Edition (or, Philippines: The country that never sleeps)

Why are you awake? Over the last few months, I have used oDesk to hire a couple of virtual assistants, who help me with a variety of tasks. They are coming from Philippines and we communicate over Skype whenever I have tasks for them to do. (Hi Maria! Hi Reiner!).

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