I like this quote by UK Chancellor George Osborne that he made at the opening of a new centre offering desk space and mentoring for technology companies in London's Silicon Roundabout:

Google Opens London Campus

"The government doesn't believe you can click your fingers and create a technology cluster. Wherever possible, our approach is to go with the grain of what's already happening."

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via: www.bbc.co.uk

While we do already have some wannabe technology clusters in Ljubljana (Tehnološki park, Ljubljanski Univerzitetni Inkubator, Hekovnik, ...), I don't see any of them becoming a true technology hub. Perhaps the closest thing to the proper technology hub that Ljubljana has at the moment, is our very own bulding at Celovška 32 that goes by an unofficial name C32. Besides Zemanta, the building is hosting also D-Labs, Uniki, VLN, and Modro oko. Quite many other startups have expressed their interest to join us, but unfortunately we do not have any room left. But there are several run-down buildings in the vicinity, that could be made into a very nice office spaces. So maybe technology hub Spodnja Šiška is not such a far fetched idea.