Stanford's online course on Machine Learning

Last Fall I've participated in an online course on Machine Learning provided by Stanford University. Together with a few colleagues we spent three months diligently watching lecture videos, answering review questions and programming course assignments. I've known most of techniques and algorithms already from my master in computer vision, but I've never took a class on machine learning before, so this was the first time to get a proper overview of the field. Especially so, since the class was lead by prof. Andrew Ng whose teaching abilities are even more extraordinary than his research achievements. A few days ago, I've received an e-mail by professor Ng about his new startup Coursera, that will try to bring courses about advanced scientific topics to the widest audience possible. This blog post is therefore my public reply to professor Ng's email and the sign of my sincere gratitude to him and his team to enable the rest of us receive at least some education that students at Stanford receive. I have high hopes for Coursera. Listening to a professor in a lecture hall with 200 other students seems to me so 19th century. Higher education is a trillion dolar business and in my opinion is ready for some serious disruption (I've enquired with a friend of mine who is an assistant professor in computer science at University of Ljubljana, how many of his colleagues took part in Stanford's online courses and he couldn't think of a single one!)

My story: from lawyer to ruby hacker

By Dennis Cahillane Uncategorized My story: from lawyer to ruby hacker Last winter, Stanford CS Professor Andrew Ng taught an online course in Machine Learning. I took the course, and today the students in the course got an email from Prof. Ng asking for our stories. Here's what I wrote to him.

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