Summer time

Deutsch: Zeitumstellung zum Beginn der Sommerz... I'm always amazed by the scale of change that happens when we switch to the summer time. Can you imagine a government issuing a decree that everybody should go to bed one hour sooner than usually, that everybody should wake up one hour before they do normally, and that everybody should eat their meal one hour ahead of their usual lunch time. I'm pretty sure that even the most despotic regimes could not pull something like that, while citizens of almost all democratic states do it twice a year.

The switch to the summer time is a good demonstration that quite often the best way to change behavior of the people is through technology. This is even more true in engineering organizations, where people are usually quite fond of technological changes, while they are in general very conservative about any modifications to their daily routine and working habits. So the next time, you set out to change something in your organization, remember the example of the summer time switch. Maybe the easiest way to achieve change is through technology.