It's where you end that matters


The history of ideas and endeavors is littered by people determined to reach some goal only to find out that they ended at the entirely different place. And there are even more people waiting for the great idea to come before they make a move only to find in retrospect that years have passed while they stood still. I'm quite often asked by people to provide them my opinion on their ideas. Lately I listen to their idea only out of courtesy, but then I give them a generic answer: "It doesn't matter where you start. The only thing that matters is where you end!" Ideas are overrated and quite often even harmful. It is in human nature to define problems in the form of solutions. Once you accept that the only valuable thing about your idea is that it has helped you understand the problem, it is much easier to see the problem with the eyes of your customers, cofounders, or coworkers. My father has told me, that once he left the comfort zone of his home in his native Bosnia, it didn't really matter to him where on Earth he will end. So, stop hatching to perfection that idea in your head and just do it!

Tell Everyone About Your Business Idea - Don't Keep It A Secret

Recently I had a friend tell me about a business plan that he was working on, and he told me that they were currently in "stealth mode" implying that they weren't going to tell anyone about their business idea so that nobody would copy it.

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