I think that the most prominent example that I give to my daughters is that sitting in front of a computer makes a lot of fun. Maybe that was the reason why my older daughter expressed a wish some months ago that she'd like to learn game programming. Father's pride kicked in immediately and I've set on making my daughter's wish come through. The first thing I did was to write to Santa Claus to bring my daughters an iPad, the ZX Spectrum of this day and age. The iPad immediately become the favorite toy of my daughters and even more favorite upbringing tool of their parents. I've bought them also Codea app that enables development of simple games on iPad using Lua programming language. The Codea app comes bundled with a few games already, so the plan now is that I learn Lua first myself so that I'll be able to assist my daughter in learning game programming on iPad. Yesterday, I've learned about a very interesting initiative called CoderDojo. This initiative is about forming local computer clubs for kids aged 7 to 18 eager to learn some web and game programming with the help of mentors and parents. I've immediately applied to organize such a club also here in Ljubljana and this post is actually a call to fellow father-programmers to join me in organizing the first CoderDojo in Ljubljana. At Zemanta we have a great place that we can make available for this event, so all we need now are more volunteers to join me in this endeavor. If you'd like to become a CoderDojo volunteer yourself contact me either by e-mail, twitter or in the comments to this post. I hope many of you will join and that we will successfully set this event going.

(Did I ever mentioned that I've led a computer course for six-years old kids when I was 17. I did and it was a very interesting experience.)