Organizing myself

Time Management for System AdministratorsI'm extremely bad at multitasking. I can only do one thing at the time, which makes me quite a typical male. If I have to multitask a lot, I get dumbed down noticeably pretty soon. I have found a few very effective techniques that help me mitigate the problem of too frequent context switches. The main technique that I use is to keep list of things that I have to do, in line with Getting Things Done methodology. I've found out that if I put an action item to the external storage, my head immediately clears and I no longer need to think about it. For the purpose of keeping a to-do list I use application Things and I recommend it very much to all Apple users. I try hard to keep one list of action items to rule them all, but I'm usually not entirely successful at that, since I have two main e-mail accounts that keep on getting new actionable items every day. The other strategy that I use is to group small tasks together and do them in a single batch, one after another. Unfortunately, I have so many small tasks to do at the moment, that the only time I have to do large tasks is in the evening, but that interferes with my sleeping patterns (but that's a story for some other time).

The one thing that I'd like to improve in my organisation is reducing noise around me. I'm checking mail, twitter, facebook, irc, and all other open communication channels too often. I'd like to do it only every few hours, not every 15 minutes, like I do it today.

Please write in the comments, what are your favorite techniques that gets you through your busy day. I feel there's still lots that could be improved in my daily routine and I'd very much like to learn from your good practices.

Avoid Distractions and Remain Focused

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Building a startup is exciting. Every day you are working to create something that will shake up an industry, perhaps even change the world. When building on your product, there are distractions.

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