Primitive tools === primitive programmers?

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One think that I keep on wondering is why a toolset of most web programmers is so primitive. Already in the 90s (80s) we had these great IDEs that enabled debugging with breakpoints, watches, backtracking, statical analysis of the code, and, in addition, checked style, provided auto-complete and extensive help documentation. In the world of desktop applications, where we have Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse, nobody would even dare to think to develop code in Vi or Joe. But in the world of web applications, some developers are even proud of their Vi expertise.

I have couple competing theories how this situation came about:

  • programmers originating in LAMP don't know better,
  • there's something inherently wrong with development of server side applications on client side,
  • I'm ignorant myself of great tools that could improve my work practice and that of my coworkers

Please, share your thoughts in the comments.

Free your technical aesthetic from the 2010s

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A rejection of the rejection of the 1970s. James Hague wrote a wonderful, vaguely controversial essay "Free your technical aesthetic from the 1970s.

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