Privacy in a global village


For the past half a year, we have been experimenting a lot with Twitter at Zemanta. Quite some of our users have told us their Twitter account and we are trying to use the information hidden in their tweets to improve our recommendations. While studying twitter streams of several dozens of our users, I've been completely blown away by the amount of personal information that individuals are voluntarily exposing about themselves.  I, for example, have posted more than 3500 tweets at @dusano. If somebody wants to do a personal profile of me, I'm pretty sure he can do it very accurately just from my twitter stream. While some are frightened by "big brother" scenarios, I don't have any remorse about loosing my privacy. Internet changes everything! It has changes our world to a global village and there is no privacy in a village!

Twitter sells two years of your tweet history inclusive GPS data to marketing companies

Datasift has bought access to two years' worth of Tweets. Your tweet history, including sensitive data like GPS information, will be sold on to advertisers. Daily Mail :: Twitter opened up its archive of Tweets for sale to online marketing companies sparking a new storm over privacy of users of social media.

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