Subversion to Git Migration @Zemanta

English: Some data flows and storage levels in... Some half a year ago we decided to migrate Zemanta's code base from Subversion (svn) to Git. There was no urgent need to do the migration. But with every passing day we felt more old-fashioned for still using SVN. The immediate push for the transition came, when a coworker once bundled to many different functionalities into a trunk and consequently the release of that batch of code become quite entangled. We did the transition on a project by project basis. What has really surprised me, was the enthusiasm of my coworkers for the migration. It really felt that we were way overdue with the transition.

By now we have migrated almost all projects to git and advantages of git over svn are becoming more and more obvious. Easier branching and multiple repositories are changing how we develop, review, and release code. Our goal for this year is to streamline our release procedure so that developers would not only branch more often, but also release more often!

git push production release FTW!

SVN to Git Migration

git icon, created for the Open Icon Library

A couple of weeks ago we shut down the Crowd Favorite office for a day and a half to do a migration from SVN to Git. This was not a small undertaking. We had nearly five years of code in a single SVN repository that was then broken out into literally hundreds of Git repositories.

We need this to understand how you use our service - you can take it out if you like. Cheers, your Blogspire team.