Teach kids to code

English: Sinclair 48K ZX Spectrum computer (19... I've done my first coding steps when I was 9. At that time I had a ZX Spectrum but with only 16KB of RAM. Most of the popular games required 48KB, so I was stuck with very few games that could catch my attention. One that did was a flight simulator written in BASIC. While the simulation was pretty awkard, it had this great feature, that you could interrupt the application, change some code and see effects immediately. This was my first programming steps that got me hooked for the next (almost) 30 years. Since my father was very keen on me pursuing a career of programmer I've soon started to attend programming lessons at IJS that taught me basic programming skills at the very early age.

I've bought my daughters an iPad recently and they are already completely hooked. I don't teach them how to code yet, but I think I will soon. The older one (she'll be eight soon) already said that she would like to make her own game.

Kids are the future. Teach 'em to code.

Sit back, close your eyes, and think about how good you are at coding. Man, you're awesome. When did you learn how to be so awesome? Now just think how awesome you would be if you had learned how to code when you were seven years old. Here at GitHub, we think it's important to contribute to our future.

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