Quantum Computing

English: Qubits are made up of controlled part... My understanding of quantum computing is pretty weak. I've only listened to a few talks and read a couple of popular science articles about it. But what I do understand so far is that at the moment quantum computing promises a lot and delivers little. It seems to me quite likely that in nature there exists phenomena which are analogous to some computational problems  that are hard for conventional computers to solve (e.g. factorization a.k.a. the wet dreams of NSA). Using quantum theory it might be possible to simulate such phenomena in a very short time and therefore identify end result without actually computing anything, that is, not in an algorithmic way. But I'm very skeptical about possibility of general computing using quantum computing. So I'm very sure that I'll spend my whole life programming non-quantum computers. What I will not rule out is that in some 50 years (hey, I'll be only 86 years old then!) my MacQuantum will have a quantum coprocessor which will enable me to do real time deciphering of some signals originating from Alpha Centauri star system.

via: www.i-programmer.info