Firefox 10 is released


I've been a user of Firefox from the very first version. When Firefox came out, it was huge improvement over Internet Explorer. But now, when we also have Google Chrome, its luster has diminished. My greatest pain with Firefox is how it manages memory. It's not unusual for Firefox to consume 1GB of memory on my Mac, after I use it for some time. It seems to me that Firefox have some serious memory leakage issues that it just can't fix. I wish Firefox developers woud spend all their time and effort on fixing this, and not on the cosmetic improvements that we see them doing lately.

Firefox 10 Launches: Promises Fewer Add-On Compatibility Issues, Enables Fullscreen API

English: This is a icon for Firefox Web Browser.

Now that Mozilla has fully embraced its rapid-release cycle , an update from version 9 to 10 of its popular Firefox browser isn't really an event anymore. Nevertheless, version 10, which launched today, brings a number of welcome new features with it, as well as the usual bug fixes and performance enhancements.