Passwords are broken


Passwords might have been good idea how to do log in in the times of Web 1.0 when only a few sites required registration. But with the advent of Web 2.0 all the cracks of the password based login have come to light.

Crack this: How to pick strong passwords and keep them that way

You use passwords every day to access things like your phone, your email, and social networking. But are you really keeping yourself safe? If there's one thing people associate with modern technology, it's passwords. They're everywhere, and most of us use them for dozens of things every day.


While Facebook Connnect, Sign in with TwitterGoogle Friend Connect, and OpenID are all trying to address the login problem, it doesn't seem to me their solution could become mainstream.

The authentication problem is one of the great unresolved problems of the Web. So far we have seen lots of attempts but no definite solution. What I do notice lately is, that at least standards for expressing your identity online have sprouted. I, for example, can be identified on the Web with any of the following identities:

  • @dusano

Maybe we will be able to solve at least the "username" problem, while the problem of "password" seems much harder nut to crack.

What do you think? Do you see any feasible solution to the authentication problem?